We are distributors of products and treatment systems for air and water, climate and heating and also for energy efficiency, among others.

We promote environmental projects and technological innovation, for example agriculture, forestry, renewable energy, energy efficiency, water and air, and automation of vehicles under remote control for safety.

We are a company that collaborates with different entities at a national and international level, offering advisory, management, research and development services.

What do we do?

Verdesfera is a company that markets and distributes efficient systems, and promotes innovation and environmental sustainability.

We are committed to social and environmental ethics, and we always seek synergy between technology and the well-being of society, in order to create a link between technology and the benefits that it can bring to people without causing harm to the environment. and the environment.

We maintain the idea that technological advances can be useful for many people and companies to solve their needs and for this we work to implement systems available to any client according to their needs or interests.

In a globalized world like the current one, any client around the planet can purchase our products to satisfy their needs, for this we work to be able to offer the best delivery service in the most optimal conditions, on time and with the best possible guarantee.

In summary, our main objective is not to make it unfeasible for the supply of products to compromise, in any case, the objective of preserving the environment, and for them to be friendly to the environment, as well as not to prioritize the exploitation of unnecessary resources of materials. cousins.

For this reason, our motto exactly defines our commitment, “Biodiversity as a fundamental pillar”, as the objective of our activity.


Know How

We are experts in the administrative, technical and commercial areas, and we offer our clients our wide spectrum of possibilities to offer with the greatest possible guarantee with the success of the projects, thus achieving the greatest security in the projects that we develop to help in all questions regarding your inquiries.