From this portal we present our innovation projects at European level in order to publicize our initiatives to publicize our ambitions, in research and development projects.
Our lines of research are the following:
Forestry projects, in order to maintain a synergy with the activities we carry out and respect for the environment, to make the sector self-sustainable and economically sustainable, promoting the circular economy and ethical social development where they prevail the values ​​of professionals in the rural world, and to be able to help them in their activities and in their personal aspiration.
On the other hand, we have other types of ambitious projects at the agricultural level, these initiatives are of a diverse nature, such as the development of agricultural activities, in rural areas, to be able to stop the advance of depopulation and achieve a symbiosis with the environment and the forestry sector, without damaging the quality of the farmer’s employment, but rather, achieving that the objectives are to avoid the abandonment of lands and at the same time that these are in use and are not a powder keg devoured by flames in the event of possible forest fires, as well It collaborates with both public entities and private entities that manage cropland or agricultural-forestry interface, they are ambitious proposals since agriculture can reach any area with the means available at present.
Finally, another of our challenges is the recovery of waste and the production of energy through various sources to obtain it, such as biogas, biomass boilers and transcritical CO2, these technologies can be found in different types of facilities but the innovation proposed by us is to upgrade these technologies to feed back and offer self-sustainable production through the consumption of agricultural and forest residues.
They are unique and differentiated proposals, with a great innovative component, we work every day to improve and make our activities profitable and respectful with the environment.

Research Studies

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us both to jointly develop our projects or if you are interested in us collaborating in any other, we are open to new proposals and collaborative projects in the network

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